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Love Poetry

loveRomantic love is a messy, dangerous, painful and glorious thing. There are no guarantees, yet we yearn for it.

Lately, I’ve taken to writing poetry. Most of it is spiritual in nature, but occasionally, a passionate poem breaks through. Though I would posit that love poems are just as spiritual as the more celestial ones. The sacred is present in our entire lives, including romantic love, perhaps ESPECIALLY romantic love. How else are we so transported, but through the passion of love?

The first poem was written for my good friends Sydney & Michael. College sweethearts, their paths diverged. Forty years later, they found one another again. Two days ago, they were married. Love triumphs!

Improbable Love

We wait
for ‘the one’
to grow and become
the one
for us.

We wait
to grow and become
‘the one’
for another.

How does love ever bloom
in the midst
of all this
And yet,
the miracle happens.

I’m so glad it’s happened for you.

The next poem was inspired by a passage from the great book of poetry known as the Psalms. This came from contemplating Psalm 36:5 – 9.

Impatient Love

Outside my window,
autumn rains loosen leaves
and chase away
summer’s dust.

Yet a torrid breeze
whispers past my ear
bringing promises
of midnight sun encounters.

My head turns.
I can smell the zest
of a lover’s fervid skin.

Where are you?
my pounding heart taps
in lovesick code
Where are you?

I know your essence,
though not your face –
I knew you before
there was a before.

Your shadow lies long upon my path
from behind time’s fluttering veil.
So close.
So familiar.

I’m breathless for you.

Any other closet poets out there? I dare you to share. 🙂

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