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Kombucha? Again?

kombuchaI’m back to square one with the great Weight Loss journey. Well, that’s not quite true – I’m 10 pounds lighter than when I started, but I’ve regained 7 from my lowest point.

So. Starting again. Measuring and recording every bite of food. Making a new batch of kombucha. Exercising. Meditating.

Plus a new idea: I’m wearing my jeans, because their *tightness* will remind me to eat less. I tend to wear leggings, yoga pants, jammie pants, and other clothing with very forgiving material. Wearing clothes with less stretch has been reputed to help with weight loss, and I’m willing to give it a try.

I’ve mentioned kombucha over and over, and I thought I’d talk a bit more about it. Technically, kombucha is a fermented tea. It’s been around for centuries, originating in China, then spreading to Russia and beyond.

It’s made from sweetened tea (black, green or other) fermented with a bacteria/yeast culture. There are few scientific studies regarding its efficacy, but it’s rich in probiotics, antioxidants, glucaric acids and glucosamine. That means it can reasonably be assumed to balance gut PH, have detoxifying effects, boost the immune system and be good for joints.

From personal experience, I can say that it results in a drastically reduced appetite and greatly increased energy. Perhaps it’s a placebo effect. That’s OK. The placebo effect is a ‘thing’, and it shows how much health can be influenced by thought.

Kombucha is fairly safe to make at home because the high acidity keeps bad germs away. If the acidity is weak, mold can grow (as happened to me) and then it’s time to ditch the whole thing and start fresh. I got my new starter from the local health food store. Brewing supply stores often carry it, too. You can also get it from Amazon: ¬†kombucha starter kit

Some websites warn against drinking it because illness can result if it’s not prepared properly. I think that’s a little excessive. Botulism can result if vegetables are canned improperly, but I see no medical sites warning us away from eating veges.

The point is that I need to do it properly. It’s easy – I keep my prep space spanky clean. I think my kombucha molded because I skimped on the sugar, so I will follow the recipe exactly from now on. And I will enjoy the benefits!


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That’s Normal

This morning, my Wii informed me: “That’s normal.”

It meant my weight. Normal. Finally. Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo! Yes, I was THAT excited when an inanimate object rewarded me with these coveted words. Sad, isn’t it?

It’s even sadder that I was also THAT pissed off when, day after day, it proclaimed (in its sing-song, condescending tone): “That’s overweight.” While it annoyed me, it also motivated me. I’ll show you, smug Wii!

Today was its come-uppance. Take that! Normal. Hah! In your face, white box. (Imagine appropriate gang-style hand gestures. Then let me know what they are, because I have no idea.)

Does that mean I’ve finished obsessing about my weight? Snort. You’ve followed my story thus far. What do YOU think?

“Not overweight” isn’t the same as “healthy weight”. My BMI is just a smidge under 25. That’s a start, but for optimal health, I would like to see it under 23. The saga isn’t over yet.


PS: for those of you who have been following my blog, you may have wondered where I’ve been for the past ten days.

Weddings, my friends. Weddings. I’ve enjoyed the nuptials of both my ‘adopted’ son, Phil and my youngest son, Nicholas. By enjoyed, I mean photographed. Cooked. Entertained. Traveled. Absorbed the joy of these events, so when all is done, I can close my eyes and wrap the memories around me, like a star-strewn shawl of love.

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Update (New Pics, too)

I figured it was time for an update on the great Cherie slim-down and health-up. (Be sure to check out the pics below to see my progress.)

I’ve been pretty faithful about my caloric intake. With the help of the Lose-It app, I’ve kept my total below 1000 calories most days, below 1100 all days.¬†Three things have resulted, all very good.

First – I’m not willing to eat anything that isn’t AMAZING. I’m not wasting a single mouthful on food that is empty, either of taste or nutrition. I don’t have that many mouthfuls coming to me, so I’m going to make EACH ONE COUNT.

Second – I’m eager to exercise! An hour of exercise equals two hundred additional calories that I can add to my daily total. Two hundred glorious, precious, delicious units of heat.*

Third – my energy levels are much higher. I’m more productive. I’ll admit, I’ve added at least 20 minutes of rest time to each afternoon, because I’m pooped after exercising. But a nap is a good thing!

The scale STILL isn’t budging from the initial ten pound weight loss. But my waistline is. And the size of my thighs. The firmness of my butt. The difference is noticeable. I’m feeling better and looking more like my old self. Onward and downward!

* A calorie is defined as the quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree centigrade.


Oh, You’re Over Fifty? You Don’t Need ANY Food

no foodDo you know how LITTLE food I am supposed to eat? No wonder I’m not losing any weight.

Yesterday, I downloaded the Lose It! app for my tablet, which keeps track of calories, exercise, etc. Then I started entering everything I ate. Correction: I entered everything I WANTED to eat. When I saw the horrifying total, I deleted items like crazy to keep under my daily allotment.

As I looked at the pittance alloted to me, I couldn’t help wondering if the program was just trying to eliminate women who were no longer actively contributing to the propogation of the species. “Oh, you’re over fifty? You don’t need ANY food. Quit wasting resources. Oh, all right. Here. Eat a few fruits and nuts. Quit whining. You’re lucky I give you anything at all.”

The good news is, exercise will help. An hour of bike riding uses about 200 calories (at the pace I’m able to manage.) That will boost my calorie count above 1000 calories a day. (I’ve entered a 2-lb a week weight loss goal.) It’s not going to be easy – or fun – but I think I can manage it for a while.

The program assures me I’ll be at my target weight by September 5. Two months. I can do this for two months.



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