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Twelve Years Ago Today

on October 3, 2014

leeTwelve years ago today, my husband took his life. Twelve years, and it still feels like a knife in my heart, like glass in my stomach. Loved ones NEVER get over suicide. Never. It changes our lives forever. I understand the hideous pain he endured, because with one shot of his gun, he transferred it to me to carry to the end of my days.

If you are depressed and considering suicide – TELL SOMEONE. Seek help. The ‘solution’ you are considering will destroy those around you.

For the rest of us, DONATE TO RESEARCH to conquer depression, the great killer of our age. There’s promising work out there, but it needs funding. Here’s just one example: Quinolinic Acid linked to Suicide.

And remember, it’s not a mental illness. It’s a physiological one.‪#‎endthestigma‬


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