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Blog Disruption

on May 9, 2014

_DSC1409In the past three weeks, I haven’t lost weight. Despite regular exercise, my shape is largely unchanged. Panic time, right? NO. I’ve been doing the work I needed to do – my mental and spiritual selves are transformed. They are leaner, stronger, tougher.

I’m rediscovering discipline, rising early each morning,  exercising, and then going to the studio to work and write. My routine isn’t perfect (yet.) For example, I’m good about coming to the studio right after exercising each day. (Good job, Cherie!) However, my nutritional supplements are at home. By the time I get home in the evening, I’ve forgotten all about them.

The solution is obvious: bring the supplements to the studio. And I will. I’m just surprised how many adjustments are necessary for ‘routine’ to become routine.

Moving my main computer from home to studio caused a ****blog disruption**** (Avert your eyes, children.) It’s taken three weeks to find my way back. Yeesh! On the other hand, I have been writing. I’m finishing the final stories for my flash fiction book, and consulting with artist Cher Odum for illustrations.

My next project, a full length novel, is pushing its way impatiently to my forebrain. In fact, the protagonist whispers in my ear constantly, giving me his perspective on the world, on politics, on religion. It’s disconcerting – and very, very interesting.

I’ve written and given the homily for Wednesday night Eucharist for the past three weeks. I’ll be on a two-week rotation now. The tradition for Wednesday nights is to discuss the lives of saints. Delving into their spiritual perspectives has been inspirational – and occasionally outraging. Did you know the current mainstream belief that we are hopeless sinners that Christ came to ‘save’ by dying a horrific death was ramrodded into canon by one man, who bullied and persecuted anyone who had a different perspective?

Grrrrr. Sorry, I’m getting religious AND political, and this is supposed to be a personal improvement blog. But. Grrrrrr. Just grrrrr.

The point is, I’m engaged. I’m active physically, mentally and spiritually, and it feels good.


One response to “Blog Disruption

  1. Kristy says:

    I think the lives of the saints are fascinating. St. Nicholas? WAY more than just Santa Claus. And speaking of Christmas myths, I’ll get to spend a day in Prague next month. Will probably tour the church of St. Wenceslaus. Can’t wait!

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