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Walking to Happiness

on May 23, 2013

walkerBryan will be gone for the entire month of June, serving his country at Annual Training in Idaho. It’s tempting to wish they would turn the National Guard loose in the panhandle and roust all the anarchist crazies and Klansmen hangers-on. No, I don’t *really* wish that, and no, that’s not what they’re going to do. Although, if we’re going to continue to send our young people to tribal-oriented, anti-American areas, they really should receive authentic training, and, well, we DO have Idaho…

While B is gone, I’m going to see if I can break the ten-pound weight loss barrier. After a winter of hard-fought improvement, I’ve reached a plateau, despite being reasonably active and paying attention to my eating habits. I just finished six weeks of church directory madness, and that’s physically taxing. But still, my weight loss has stalled. It’s just sitting around my hips, taunting me. So is my Wii (taunting me, I mean.) I have three pounds (or five, depending on the day) before it will quit chanting, “That’s overweight.” I hate that sing-song computer voice. Grrr.

I know I swore to avoid the addiction of numbers, but I didn’t succeed. Why? A-D-D-I-C-T-I-O-N. Hello. Those numbers control my life. Perhaps it’s time for therapy. I wonder if I have a psychologist client who would like to trade for Cherie’s photo therapy?

Anyway, I have a new plan to lose those pesky pounds. Happiness. I’m going to focus on happiness, because I overeat to compensate for something, and I think it’s a lack of attention to the needs of my true self. My math mind tells me that meeting my physical, spiritual and emotional needs = happiness.

You know what best meets all of those needs? Walking. Just walking. Recently, I discovered that I experience deep joy when I walk the neighborhoods of SE Portland. I think it’s because it triggers memories of the happiest times of my life – walks in the late afternoon with my Situ and Gidu, walks to the store, to the park, around the neighborhood. Walks just because.

Especially ‘just because’. I’m too destination oriented. The Divine already talked to me about that. (See my Ariyawen post.) Walking is good for my body and good for my soul. Recently, I walked seven miles in the sun through SE neighborhoods and downtown Portland. By early evening I was exhausted, sunburned – and deeply happy.

I have more ideas: yoga, volunteering, writing, photographing, baseball. But over-ambition is as dampening as no ambition at all.

So I’ll start with walking.


2 responses to “Walking to Happiness

  1. Mickey Bowman says:

    What a great idea. Have you read “Granny D”. or “Peace Pilgrim” ? One of my fantasies is to take a walkabout – no destination, just walk west from home. Please keep us in touch.

  2. mereechoes says:

    Update: I’ve been spending a lot of time wandering the Buckman neighborhood of SE Portland. I’m amazed at how HAPPY it makes me.

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