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Big Boobs

on May 3, 2013


I have them. I love them. I think they’re absolutely fabulous, and I don’t understand why every woman isn’t in love with her boobs.

Now, maybe I’m more appreciative than most because Nature made me wait so long for them. I was thirty-eight before they unexpectedly blossomed. I went from a not-quite-A to a B to a C to a… Yes, they’re ‘real’. No, I have no idea why they suddenly decided to appear. I grew an inch in height when I was thirty, so maybe I’m just a late bloomer.

There’s been quite a hoo-hah about boobs lately. For years, online gaming was a bastion of men, you know, the barber shop of the 21st century. If women entered, they could expect to be scowled at. You don’t like the titty calendars on the wall? Then don’t walk into our game.

But women are walking in. In fact, they’ve always been here. Just because it’s a growing phenomenon (wow, the twelve-year old humor that’s dying to surface) doesn’t mean it’s new. And certain behaviors have always been indecorous. Your mother surely told you to masturbate in private, that it wasn’t appropriate to do it in the living room. Just because it’s your fingers on a keyboard and a character called Lara Croft doesn’t mean it isn’t a lonely masturbatory fantasy. And that’s OK. In private. But have you noticed there are several million people running all around you with weapons in their hand? Many of them women, who would like to have a choice in persona?

For me, I’d choose a busty woman, because I am a busty woman. But…tummies and stocky thighs generally accompany boobs. So, let women design their own action figures.


One response to “Big Boobs

  1. Mickey Bowman says:

    My wife says the first weight she sheds is from her bajubies. She went from flat to abundant in the bajubies department as she put on weight. Good luck on your quest.

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