Seeking My Best Self

trying to make sense of my life – and lose some weight


on September 27, 2012

I need goals. How will I know I’ve achieved my target if I don’t have goals? The thing is, despite the fact that I majored in Mathematics in college, I don’t want numeric goals. We live in a neurotic world where success or failure is determined by measuring against a predetermined outcome. I need to feel successful today, not some time three months in the future. I’ll be too discouraged to continue. It’s happened before.

I want a slimmer silhouette. I want my joints not to hurt. I want to be able to lift more. I want to be more connected with the Divine whose path I follow. I want to remain centered and calm.

It occurs to me that I already know my goals. It’s my FOCUS list. I create this list once a year, to enable me to spend my time, energy and money on the things that are important, rather than the things that are urgent.

I created a spiritual website called Ariyawen a couple of years ago. The stuff I write for Ariyawen is really good. I wish I could consistently live by it.

Goal #1: Live by Ariyawen.

What does that mean? I have no idea. For today, it means, spend time at my home altar and keep my cool. Stay centered. I’ve been having trouble with that lately. I’m so emotional!


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